Friday, 3 April 2015

A Perfect Day.

When I was first told on Feb 13th  that a tumour had been detected in my brain, my immediate thought was of the implications for the wedding of our son Jono  and his fiancée Amy, due to take place just 6 weeks later on March 28th. The idea that whatever was happening to my health might in any way overshadow the wedding, spoil the preparations, or - selfishly - prevent me from being there was horrifying. We've all been so united in being thrilled  by this engagement, and excited as we've watched Amy and Jono's plans for the wedding coming together. So as the weeks have gone on, it soon became a focus, a goal to aim for - that everything should be right for the wedding.

And it was. Not just right, but radiant, joyful, amazing, remarkably relaxed and unstressful . If I have ever lived an almost perfect day, then this was it. I am still basking in it, still full up with gratitude for the many, many wonderful people who made it so.

It was Amy and Jono's day from the beginning - they planned it detail by detail to be a celebration that reflected who they are, what their priorities are and what they value, and to let so much of the nonsense that often surrounds weddings be completely unimportant. Everything they could, they made themselves, or had artistic and loving friends make for them, Everything had a simplicity but a style and elegance to it. Every part of the service and indeed the whole day had significance, lightness and joy. They are two amazing young people and we are unbelievably proud of them.

We feel as though we not only have a new daughter, we have a whole new family. It has been such a joy that not just Jono but Ellie, Mike and I have been taken into the Bland family's heart in the way that we have - especially over the last few challenging weeks, and we are so thankful to them for that.

One of the most powerful messages from Saturday, though, is that 'family' is a term far from limited to those who are related to each other by blood or by marriage. We were palpably aware of a massive family standing around us. Amy and Jono's friends standing around them, and our friends and indeed the whole community here standing around us all. There were tasks I'd undertaken to do as part of the preparations that I couldn't fulfil,  They were simply lifted from me. And not just that, but done with a dedication and elegance and style and attention to detail that took my breath away.

Emma, Linda, Ann and Paul, and many,many others too . . . thank you doesn't begin to cover it xxxxxxx

And now, today, it's Good Friday. This has been a challenging week, but we've walked it not only in the company of Jesus and the Story that - for me - expresses the heart of reality more clearly than any other, but in the company of that same extended family who shared our joy so completely last weekend. Bonds like this cannot be broken; love like this knows no limits. We press on towards the joy of Easter.


  1. How very wonderful. Sounds fantastic.

  2. Thank you for finding the time to post this Debbie; my boys have yet to find the person they want to share their life with, but I've been to a few 'overblown' weddings in my time and this looks truly beautiful - airy, delicate, authentic, and grounded in family love. It must have been a wonderful day.