Thursday, 7 January 2016

A quick appeal for help!

Brewing a couple more blog post soon - but this is just a quick appeal to see if anyone can help our - now delighted to be able to say - friend Katherine Bevington, whose catering I have recommended after our various celebrations this year. Katherine received a request to cater for a 90th birthday party and we're pretty sure the sender mentioned that he had seen her recommended via this blog. However, with all the effects of the flooding etc Katherine has lost emails, and she has now no way of getting back in touch with him. I have a few more details but won't reveal them unless noone reponds, just in case I spoil anyone's surprise! But if you are or know who this might be, it would be great to hear from you. Best plan would be email Katherine direct (you can google her at Bevington's Catering), or if you'd prefer to contact me instead, happy to pass on messages.

Thank you! More soon.


  1. The event wasn't at Buckingham Palace in June by any chance was it?? :)

    1. Love it! xxxxxxxxxx

    2. Good news! Sorted. Thanks everyone !!!!